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Motor CR-Axial 20kW

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CR 24-260 engine is designed for direct drive paraglider, hang glider and other units using 2×1,4-1.5-meter propellers of opposite direction of rotation. Maximum trust approximately 180-200kg

Due to its small size and high torque it can provide continuous power of 20 and 25 kW for a short time.

The motor has built-in Hall sensor and temperature sensor, air-cooled motor. RPM -2100-2450 rpm at 70V (24/2 coil connection) and 400V (24/12 coil connection).

CR motor with eight coil connection options, which makes it possible to adjust the motor to different power sources (batteries) and speed controllers.

We are developing and producing CR-motors. We provide entire range of best quality motors for planes,cars, paraglides and experimental project of all sizes.

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