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In search of the best invention of the world

In search of the best invention of the world

The biggest sample of inventions of the world, the International Lounge of Inventions of Geneva organized under the patronage of the Government of Switzerland, the local authorities of its city sedates and the World Organization of the Intellectual property (OMPI)) its 47 has closed edition with an exhibitors’ new record. In particular 825 originated ones from 42 countries and a number of visitors (30.850) similar to that of its previous edition but with a very significant increase, according to the organizers, of the professional visitor to the search of an invention in which to invest or to commercialize under license. According to declarations of Jean-Luc Vincent, president and founder of the lounge, this one has acquired a new dimension maintaining its philosophy. “The general level of presented inventions is every higher year” was assured by him.

During five days that the event lasted the visitors could discover more than thousand innovations, most of them related to the health, the medicine, the environment and the safety. Test of it is that an ecological invention is the one that has gained this year the Grand Prix of the Lounge. GRST talks each other of a new battery developed by the signature hongkonesa. The main innovation of this one is the water use instead of acids in the production, which is of benefit both to the production process, significantly less pollutant, and to the recycling of these devices, also less dangerous for the environment and simpler.

Spanish presence

In addition to this Grand Prix 50 special awards exist, some of them granted by the National Offices of Industrial Property, as it is the case of the Spanish Office of Patents and Marks, (OEPM) that as in past editions, it came to Geneva in order to endorse and to recognize publicly the important contribution of the Spanish innovations after the economic and technological development of the country. This year its award to the best Spanish invention in the lounge has been for maycoby for its stretcher for persons with limited mobility patented by Manuel Borges. that also there obtained a golden medal granted by the International Jury of the lounge.

Electronics destined for patients talks each other of a mechanical stretcher with limited mobility and, in particular, to persons tetrapléjicas and paraplegic, that it is possible to fit in height and it can change between a horizontal position as a bed to accommodate the patient when it is put to bed, and a step position like chair. The bed incorporates mats of transport (12) to support the patient, which move in a transverse direction: towards the exterior of the bed, to move the patient from the bed to a bed or a wheelchair, and towards the interior of the bed, to accommodate the patient on the same one. The longitudinal or transverse orientation of the bed can change, what allows to the patient to be able to realize its physiological needs for evacuation by means of the stretcher in seated position.
The list of Spanish prizewinners in this edition is completed by Placed Sinforiano José, that García Cabrerizo got the award, and golden medal, for its thinner for paintings in motoring. Also, the International Jury composed by more than 70 personalities of the science and of the technology, granted, between other distinctions, in addition to the already mentioned one of gold of Manuel Borges and Placed Sinfoniano José, medals to the following Spanish inventions:
Silver medal to Magnetar Plus, which took to the sample the development of a revolutionary, much more efficient coaxial universal engine and with multiple applications in the world of the mobility including the aeronautics.

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